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According to the uncertainty of the time and place of the emergency task in the special police industry, a customized police communication system is developed. With special headset, special police officers can easily liberate their hands while performing tasks, and be able to handle various emergencies. Ring Bluetooth PTT for SWAT, snipers and other special combat units put forward ring type wireless PTT, so that snipers and other special combat personnel, only the use of fingers can complete PTT trigger to ensure fast communication, to ensure that the sniper promptly reported their own field of view scene.

Bluetooth PTT:

with a motorcycle handleSimple and convenient disassembly, a key PTT remote control switch at any time, security, when the police left the motorcycle on duty when it can be removed after the remote PTT is worn on a finger or butt, the police can still use a Bluetooth remote control intercom in motorcycle left within 50 meters.

Trumpet adapter:

Through a horn adapter Bluetooth connection, you can shout through a helmet or a hand.

Double PTT Bluetooth handy hand:

Through interphone Bluetooth adapter we can put intercom voice synchronous transmission to the helmet headset and Bluetooth microphone in hand police. The police took the helm in the field of law enforcement when using direct communication with Bluetooth hand (especially in the hot summer of police officers on duty at the scene to remove the helmet) to realize the continuity of communication. Sure. You don't miss any messages in the line of duty.

Interphone adapter:

Through the interphone Bluetooth adapter connection, the information can be transmitted to the helmet headset and the hand.

Helmet Bluetooth HEADPHONE:

At the same time can be connected with the horn loudspeaker, interphone, remote PTT, vehicle or mobile phone four devices, at the same time and there is helmet headset intercom mobile phone communications, and for a particular set of high security, when you press PTT to switch to the helmet headset and mobile phone walkie talkie reply, do speak respectively while listening to the mutual confidentiality.

Vehicle platform:

Receive information and output from the headquarters base station and reply.

Parameter specification

Bluetooth version: V3.0 Class1                                                                       

Bluetooth protocol: HSP HFP SPP

Waterproof level: IP66                                                                                     

Microphone type: DSP denoising single directional microphone

Battery type: rechargeable lithium battery 600mA/3.7v                               

Charging time: 3 hours

Communication distance: 30 meters                                                               

Working time: about 12 hours

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