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DELLKING-Super Resolution Bluetooth Headset E2

New product recommendation-Super resolution Bluetooth headset E2
DELLKING's new product: Super resolution Bluetooth headset E2, is a dedicated communication product for police work.
In carrying out their duties, police officers usually face:
Multiple devices can not answer at the same time
Inconvenient telephone or telephone operation
Hard to hear in noisy or complex environments
An uncontrollable roar
Multiple communication problems.
Shenzhen DELLKING Technology Co. Ltd. to launch a new E2 dual-voice police Bluetooth headset for police work
The headset is equipped with:
Bluetooth Double Voice DSP Mixing Processing System
Bluetooth remote control system
Double microphone noise reduction dual voice link system
The three core technologies of Deqing are to achieve:
1. At the same time listen, separate talk, mutual communication confidential. That is, a headphone can talk with two walkie-talkies at the same time, or a walkie-talkie and a police mobile phone, lifting the cable shackles, ensuring smooth communication, and improving the efficiency of coordinated operations.
2. Double PTT wireless control. That is, the external wireless device is operated by hand, liberating the police officer's hands and enhancing combat effectiveness.
3. Super noise reduction anti-howling function. Can still speak clearly in the face of noisy environments.
4. 12 hours of work time, more than 100 hours of standby time, providing round-the-clock communication security.
DELLKING Police Products have successively obtained:
National Safety Alarm System Product Inspection Center, Ministry of Public Security Safety and Police Electronic Product Testing Center
Testing certification
And the United States FCC certification, EU CE certification, ISO9001 quality certification
DELLKING Police communications software has obtained the exclusive technical patent certificate issued by the State Copyright Administration
DELLKING Technology has built a core of "E2 Double PTT Double Voice Police Bluetooth Headset":
PTT controller, speaker adapter, Bluetooth PTT pair microphone,
Walkie-talkie adapter, Bluetooth headset headset, car station adapter,
And other six products, to create a full range of police communications system products.
DELLKING technology, shaping the future of police communications!

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