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    Annual Summary and Commendation Conference 2023

    DellKing Industrial co. Limited Annual Summary and Commendation Conference 2023

    DellKing held its annual summary and commendation conference for the year 2023. This has been another year of great harvest for DellKing owing to the diligent efforts of all staff.

    Over the past year, DellKing upheld its ethos of "benevolence, justice, integrity, unity, industriousness, and innovation". Aligning closely with our business targets set at the beginning of 2023, we worked hard to expand and make progress. Regarding corporate culture building, we actively promoted DJT's core values to strengthen employees' sense of responsibility and mission. Regarding market exploration, we conducted in-depth market research and designed and launched new products catering to customer demands. Regarding internal management, we optimized processes, improved efficiency, and controlled costs.

    Through a year of assiduous work, our performance has achieved remarkable growth. Business revenue increased by 50% year-on-year, and average per capita output value reached RMB 540,000. These accomplishments are attributed to the concerted efforts of all DellKing staff. On behalf of the management team, Mr. Tom Zeng, CEO of DellKing, expressed his heartfelt gratitude and lofty respect to all employees!

    The conference also held a commendation ceremony. Mrs. Wang Mei from the Military and Police Sales Department was awarded "DellKing Top Salesperson 2023" for her outstanding business capabilities. Outstanding employees from various departments also went on stage to receive their awards. In addition, employees who have dedicated over 10 years of service to DellKing were presented with bonuses on stage. The award ceremony was filled with excitement and fully demonstrated the cohesion and solidarity of DellKing staff.

    Looking ahead to 2024, the market situation will become even more complex and challenging. As members of DellKing, we must maintain strategic composure, persist in technological innovation, keep customers as the top priority, and ensure the sustainable healthy development of the company with higher standards and quality. We believe that with the concerted efforts of all DellKing staff under the leadership of Mr. Tom Zeng, we will definitely accomplish our business targets for the new year and achieve remarkable development for the company!

    Finally, we wish a happy and prosperous Year of the Dragon! Let us continue to work hand-in-hand and create an even brighter future for DellKing!

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