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    DP8 Dual Mixed Audio PTT Bluetooth Headset for Business

    Dual Audio Talk Merged Listen:

    With DELLKING unique DSP technology, it can process two way audio at the same time. For instance, oneway from a cellphone and another way from a walkie-talkie, to achieve “listening together, speaking separately, and talking confidentially” function

    Dual PTT (Push to talk) Control buttons:
    When it is connected to two radios or one radio and one Poc app, there are two buttons to PTT control each different device.

    Dual Microphone Dynamic Noise Cancellation and Anti-Howling:
    With dual mic differential DSP audio processing, it can deliver crystal clear voice in extremely noisyenvironment and perfect Anti-Howing performance

    PTT Remote Controller Compatible:
    Optional to connect with DELLKING Finger PTT remote BTR001 to free users’hands totally in critical occasions

    Support PTT for most two-way radios and POC apps in the market

    Bone Conduction technology with physical volume adjustment:
    Users could bend the flexible earbuds to adjust the position for volume up and down

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