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    E6-TWS PTT Bluetooth Earphones

    1: V5.2 Bluetooth protocol:
    Lower power consumption, faster connection speed and stronger anti-interference.
    2: Support call ENC noise reduction function:
    The E6-TWS Bluetooth earphone supports call ENC noise reduction, which can output very clear sound in noisy environments and has perfect anti-howling ability, which is not affected by harsh environments.
    3: Long standby and battery life:
    Ultra-low static current, the earphone is not used in the charging box for a long time (>360 days), and the normal use of the Bluetooth earphone will not be affected when opening the box; Working time of one ear ≥24 hours more convenient to carry and use.
    4: Ultra-small ultra-light more covert:
    The weight of one ear is less than 4g, which is more concealed and convenient for special police to use in special environments.
    5: Support seamless switch between left and right earphones:
    The left and right ears can be freely switched to use, which is more suitable for long-term working environment. When the earphone is out of power, it can be put into the charging box to charge while taking out another earphone to use, so as to avoid affecting communication when the single earphone is out of power.
    6: Compatible with PTT remote control:
    Optional to pair with DellKing finger PTT remote model BTR001 to completely free hands, easy to operate.

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