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    DF1 Mask Bluetooth Communication System

    Main Features:

    1.Magnet-fixed Bluetooth wireless microphones close to the mouth,which ensures the best voice picking quality

    2.Super noise suppression and anti-howling performance3.On site Bluetooth loud speaker function

    4.One Mic Two WayTalk.One microphone can facilitate two-way communication, allowing a single voiceto be transmitted to both on-site individuals by a local speaker microphone, and remote colleaguesvia radio, even when the mouth is completely sealed by the clumsy mask

    5.Headset monitoring function which help the firemen to hear their own voice in even the most noisyenvironments

    6.supports Bluetooth PTT control

    7.Waterproof, dust-proof,T4 explosion-proof, anti-fall

    8.PTT remote controller optional

    9.Fit various smart fire helmets and masks

    10.Compatible with most type of two-way radios


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