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    Speak gentler! New equipment for our police!

    Houjie, Dongguan City, China

    Recently, to better serve the public and improve the efficiency of the police service, Houjie Traffic Police has further improved their motorcycle police equipment by equipping each motor with a “Police Bluetooth Wireless Communication System”.

    This will help create a more orderly road traffic environment in Houjie. The Police Bluetooth wireless communication system is mainly equipped with Bluetooth motorcycle PTT controllers on the motorcycle, speaker adapters, Bluetooth intercom headphones, and microphones.

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    “With the 'police Bluetooth wireless communication system', just press a few buttons, and the Bluetooth headphones on the helmet can be connected to the horn of the police motorcycle. After our team member puts on the helmet, the voice can be amplified many times through the horn by speaking in the usual tone, and the sound is very clear."Houjie Motor Police officer Xusheng Liang said.

    The voice amplification function of the system is useful, not only to protect the voices of police officers but also to communicate with drivers and pedestrians in a softer voice. The police officers promptly correct the illegal behaviors of traffic participants and provide gentle persuasion. In emergencies, they can better express the situation to drivers and pedestrians, and quickly open up life passages. In addition, when encountering traffic jams, the police horn speech will also play a huge role in quickly handling the police situation and restoring the smooth flow of roads.

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     "In case of emergencies on the road, such as the need for urgent escorting, Due to the loud noise and noise on the road, and there is no "speaking" equipment, it is up to us to shout. Nevertheless, even if we shout at the top of our lungs, neither the drivers of the preceding vehicles nor pedestrians on the road can immediately realize that we are performing an escort mission to make way for us. Sometimes the shouts were hoarse, and some citizens didn't even know what we are shouting. All of these lead to a certain degree of reduced escort efficiency. So the actual work is much more convenient After installing the Bluetooth communication system.”Houjie Motor Police officer Guojin Yang said.

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    At present, all staff has upgraded the DellKing Bluetooth communication system. It makes our Traffic police’s speaking clearer and more powerful. Houjie Police will continue to improve the facilities and equipment. Better assist the motorcycle police team to quickly and efficiently deal with the police situation on the road to protect the safety of citizens.

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