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    New Fireman Bluetooth Communication Mask System


    At the recent PMRExpo in Cologne, Germany, we launched our new generation DK16 emergency services Bluetooth communication mask. 

    Integrating several innovative technologies, the product delivers superior performance across a range of metrics.

    The biggest highlight of the DK16 emergency services mask is its support for mixed dual audio and Bluetooth wireless communication. 

    Recognizing the unique needs of first responders and emergency personnel, users can simultaneously receive audio from two mobile 

    devices (Two-way radios, body cams, explosion-proof smartphones), greatly improving work efficiency. It also allows users to speak 

    independently on each channel, ensuring organizational security.

    On the hardware side, the new mask has a built-in noise-cancellation microphone with DellKing's digital signal processing technology 

    for clear voice pickup and communication. An optional DellKing PTT Bluetooth controller offers a convenient remote control.

    Additionally, the DK16 is compatible with most mainstream two-way radio and Poc apps on the market, enabling full interoperability. 

    It also features built-in LED lighting, external speaker connectivity, voice-activated PTT, and other practical functions.

    In summary, with significant upgrades across functionality, performance, and compatibility, 

    this new offering is poised to become a pioneering product in the emergency communication space.

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